BALLANTINES PR JOHN DENVERI do like stars and storms. I do enjoy breezes and sweet surrenders. I believe in crystal clear oceans, dreams and legends with Calypso and graceful nymphs. John Denver has them all. Subtlety, refinement, the power of words and the power of images, all mingled in the purity of sound.

However, John Denver’s artworks are much more than songs. They are poetries of senses, overwhelming each listener with a blast of feelings and flavours. When you listen to “Perhaps Love” you hear the thunders, the tempests and the struggle of the ocean. “Rhymes And Reasons” is a gentle poem with scents of flowers in the wind rhyming with shades of rainbows. “Calypso“ makes you feel the crests of the waves on your shoulders and smell the salty crisp air. “The Eagle And The Hawk” is vivid and powerful, an ode to strengths and ambitions. When listening it, you can dance with the west wind and reach for heavens.

On the other hand, “Leaving On A Jet Plane” seems to be urban and earthly, but it turns out to be a candid fairytale with breaking dawns and love songs. The magic is everywhere in Denver’s lyric speech. Denver is the supreme magician and his muses are dancing all around us every time a song is played.

No wonder the great voices of Earth gathered to pay homage to one of the best artists of the world. Songwriter, performer, actor, environmentalist and humanitarian, Denver’s career spanned 40 years and his music has outlasted countless musical trends and garnered numerous awards and honors.

His music lasted over decades and thrived into an ageless masterpiece. Empowered by mesmerizing voices from all over the words and guided by the same magic wand, his songs blossomed in this alluring album.

“Great Voices Sing John Denver” travelled all the way from California to charm me with every sound. It starts with Danielle de Niese serine voice singing about winter, sun and cloudy days. Secondly comes Rod Gilfry’s “Old Guitar” with gentle whispers. Patricia Racette and her jet plane continues with the urban love story, opening the way to “Sweet Surrender” by Thomas Hampson. The album is completed by other great artists – Daniel Montenegro, Dolora Zajick, Denyce Graves, Shenyang, Stuart Skelton, Barbara Padilla, Rene Pape, Matthew Polenzani, Nathan Gunn – and reaches its climax with the Domingo duo.

It all started with “Perhaps Love”. Perhaps it should have been like this. The first voice selected was Placido Domingo. Milt Okun, lifelong producer, mentor and friend of John Denver, invited him in the project.

Milt recalls: “I grew up obsessed with opera. I have heard every major tenor since I was sixteen years old. But it my wife, Rosemary, who came up with the idea that led to this album. The instant I mentioned the idea to Placido, he said yes. He and John had such a warm relationship. And Placido told me “Any singer you want, talk to me. I will make sure they do it!” .Well, Placido can pick up the phone and anyone in the world of the opera will take his call.

Simple and complex, soft and loud, gentle and strong, Denver’s music is charmingly recreated in this album with the same lyricism. Opera was most elegant and fascinanting recognition he could have ever received.

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