Who would have expected clergymen and “soeurs” to sings so loud, proud and groovy about their faith? I was amazed to discover the latest release from Mucho Gusto Records, the funky and fresh “Resurrection!”. On the purest rock ‘n’ roll rhythms, the compilation brings back theĀ  most influential singers, duos and bands of the Quebecois christian music scene from the ’60s and ’70s.

Listening to the first song, Les Noctures’ “Raconte-moi”, I was impressed by the ’60s music flavour spread by every chord. If it hadn’t been for the lyrics, the rhythm would have revealed me a true disco experience. Continuing with the second track, I found out a powerful rock song, that was gently called “Dieu ne se mange plus”. Therefore, it is remarkable how strong voices, energetic guitars and soft lyrics can mingle in the same composition.

The other tracks were created in the same style, conveying christian messages on ’60s/’70s tunes. It is extremely interesting to see how members of the clergy and faithful churchgoers dedicated their rocks, twists and shouts to divinity.

The vivacity and the sparkle of the compilation reminds me of “Sister Act”: smiling nuns sing and pray in the same time, revealing to the listeners a ‘swell’ experience. The presentation of the CD sounds strange and appealing in the same time: “liturgical pop, mambo psalms and other ‘masses a go-go’ progressively integrated into the eucharistic celebration”.

Chapeau bas for Quebec in the ’60s! Far from being rigid and austere, religion was expressed loud and hip, in an open-minded manner!

Credits: Mucho Gusto Records

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