johnny-cash-book-recollectionsIf you’re a huge Johnny Cash fan, you will surely find this book fascinating. If you’re just a fan of good music, you’ll be delighted to discover a touching story and an inspiration for the days to come.

Firstly, this book is truly amazing just because it reproduces Johnny Cash’s handwriting – even with his own edits, drawings and sometimes little hesitations. It feels like Johnny Cash has written a long letter for us all, including small meaningful recollections.

Secondly, it’s so emotional as it’s a gift from father to daughter: “I gave this book to my father in 1995 and asked him to fill in the answers to the questions about his childhood. On my birthday the following year, I received the completed book as a gift. Dad was areading-TARA-CASH-JOHNNY natural historian. He had a keen memory and an expansive intellect, grounded in a simple, honest hardworking upbringing (…). I have held this book close to my heart for all these years. With no hesitation, knowing that Dad would be proud to share these stories, I now want to share it with his fans, friends, and family to cherish, as I do”, Tara Cash Schwoebel declares.

Thirdly, it’s a book about the boy J. R. Cash, the one who turned out to be the icon and the father figure of music. You’ll find page by page surprising details, such as the origin of the names “Cash” (Cash was originally Gaelic, spelled Casche – spelling was anglicized in the 14th century Scotland) or “Johnny” (J.R., his real name, became John in the Air Force).

Johnny Cash accurately talks about every detail of his childhood: the hardworking parents, numerous brothers, the school years, the first date, the first kiss: “I was 16. My dad let me have the car (35 Ford). I took Evelyn Shaddix to the movies and got her home by 9:30”.

Tara: “Tell about a teacher’s pet”; J.C.: “Me. They always liked my eyes. That was in the grade school. I wasn’t later because I didn’t do homework. I was always writing songs and poems.”

johnny-cash-book-recollections-4Furthermore, Cash tells the story of meeting Tara’s mother, Vivian, on the roller rink in San Antonio, and being attracted by “her eyes, her smile, her personality”. He proposed her “by mail from Germany”, because he was in the Air Force by then. They had four beautiful daughters and the rest is history.

Other small details complete Johnny’s life puzzle. He confesses his all-time favorite food is bacon, favorite book is the Bible, movie – “Escape from NY”, pastime – “reading” and song – “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

Indulge yourself with this wonderful book/diary/memoir. You’ll love every handwritten note signed with affection.

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