You may have seen people who can hardly work out without their earphones in their ears or music playing in the fitness center. So, why do they like their music so much, or what does it help them with? Well, listening to music while working out not only helps to kill boredom, but it can also help to enhance the quality of your exercise by boosting your mood and increasing your stamina.

Motivational music or music that is synchronized with a workout has been observed to have psychological and physical impacts. For example, a song with a strong and steady beat can enable you to run or cycle to its rhythm and this may make you work out more and feel satisfied. At the same time, the lyrics or the captivating rhythm of motivational music can stimulate you to work out longer or harder.

Here are some reasons why listening to music while working out can help to improve your workout:

Music makes you want to move

At times, everyone can be reluctant to move, but when they hear the beats from music, the person just wants to move. According to researchers, when music has “high groove” qualities, it excites the brain and stimulates movement in the listener. Here is the thing—your favorite playlist can make you move despite how much you are not feeling like moving.

Music is a good distraction

While you work out as you listen to music, you are less likely to be aware of your exertion and can work out more. According to some research, the distraction can help athletes improve their performance by up to 15%. Faster music is especially better for this effect. Music that is cheerful or provides happiness gives more information for the brain to process, so the brain is less aware of the fatigue or pain caused due to the workout.

It increases your efforts

According to a study done in 2010, cyclists peddled faster when listening to faster music than when listening to music with a lower tempo. On the other hand, music that is too fast is not good either. For maximum effect on moderate exercises, the best songs are those with 120 to 140 beats per minute.

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Music has a psychological effect

You may be aware that music can cause pleasure or displeasure, change the thought process, and produce changes in behavior. The indicator of the psychological effects of music is the physical changes observed in the levels of hormones. A good case in point is a recent study that showed that participants who listened to music they perceived as “pleasing” had higher serotonin (the so-called “feel-good” hormone) levels. Despite it being hard to prove the effects, the study suggests that the pleasurable effect from listening to music can raise serotonin levels that can improve your mood for better exercise.

Listening to music can help to improve your workout in several ways. It helps to stimulate movement even when one is reluctant to move, keeps the brain distracted from fatigue and pain, improves the mood, and makes you increase your efforts.



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