1. “Inside the Songs of the Sixties” by Brian L. Forsythe

I truly recommend it to all sixties enthusiasts, as it is a never-ending source of stories – stories of artists, bands, songs, albums, concerts. And many other facts ready to be discovered page by page. The anthology includes everything that needs to be known about the golden years of the ‘60s music. More here

 Inside the songs of the 60s

2. “The Beatles with an A” by Mauri Kunnas

This comic biography is perfect for the Beatles fans. This book is whimsical, eccentric to some extent, but realistically brings to life the early story of The Beatles. As the author says, it is “like a strip-cartoon album, is not a strip-cartoon but a graphic novel”. The book is about beginnings and endings, dreams and failures, ambitions and shortcomings, and, above all, about the road to stardom. This playful story presents the destinies of the Fab-Four from their birth up to their 1963 hit, “Please Please Me”. Family life, school time, good or bad lucks, fantastic happenings or sad stories, Hamburg days and Cavern smashing gigs – all mingle in this animated book. More here


3.  “Santa Claus” by Mauri Kunnas

This is the true story of Santa – always a great gift for the children inside us all. In Lapland, we follow the elfin scouts on their exciting expeditions, we see the great heaps of letters in Santa’s post office, we experience the preparations for the Christmas gift-giving, and we travel with Santa to far far away lands. All accompanied by Kunnas’ stunning humour! More here


4. Tommy James – “I Love Christmas”

Over 40 years later, one of the icons of rock and roll is back with a Christmas album. Each and every one of the songs on “I Love Christmas” sends chills down your spine as you enjoy the highest quality of music production combined with one of the most talented voices of our time. More here



5. Elvis Presley – “Christmas”

Listen to Elvis’ charms on Christmas Eve. More here


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