This year, BZN came for the 6th time in Romania. They even had two concert in the same day! 🙂 Romanian fans seem to love them, as one could clearly see in the overcrowded concert hall.

The Christmas concert softly began with a serine “Silent Night”. Jan and Anny were sober and elegant, but warm and delicate, enchanting the audience from the first song.  They even used some Romanian words, completely mesmerizing the public.

The concert continued with a joyful French melody and then with a brand new song from their latest album “The Two of Us”. BZN also interpreted the classic “El Condor Pasa”, in an emotional manner.

The band continued with their famous hit – “Blue Eyes”. The audience was overwhelmed by the sound of the song they loved for so many years, singing  along with Jan and Anny.

The night went along with some other hits, like “Dance, Dance” and covers (Doris Day’s “Che sera, sera”) or new songs from the latest album. They even had some solo moments, Anny playing blues and Jan reviving Elvis in a great combination of hits: “Jailhouse rock”, “Hound Dog”, “You Are Always On My Mind”, “Can’t help Falling In Love”, “Suspicious Minds”, “Blue Suede Shoes”. Wearing a dark-haired big wig and joking around, Jan was the jolly spirit of the evening.

Moreover, they chose songs from other cultures, French ones, Italian and even a Mexican one. They were happy and friendly, lighting the atmosphere with their presence. The public clearly loved them, offering flowers and gifts during the whole concert. Jan received a pair of traditional furry boots, wearing them afterwards, while singing a vivid song.

To complete the Christmas wish list, they also played “White Christmas”, “Winter Wonderland”, “Gingle Bells” and the audience’s favourite – “Mos Craciun”, in Romanian!

Stay tunned for the next BZN concerts… and may all your Christmases be white! 🙂

Photo credits: Alin Craciun

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