… that Elvis

– had his hair dyed black (his real color was brown)?

– he had 1.82 m?

– was rejected by girls at school?

– had a twin brother (Jesse Garon) who died at birth? What would the world have been like with both Elvis and his twin? šŸ™‚

– purchased his first guitar when he was just 11 years old? He wanted a rifle but his mum persuaded him to have a guitar instead.

– auditioned for gospel quartet the Songfellows? They said no.

– knew karate, which he avidly studied in army.

– collected statues of the Venus de Milo.

– played only five concerts outside the US, on a three-day tour to Canada in 1957?

The last song he ever sang was Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain, sitting at his piano at home.

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