OldiesMusicBlog: How would you describe in just one word the Herman’s Hermits experience, by looking back to all these years?

Herman’s Hermits: Incredible!

OMB: What are the top three songs you cherish the most?

“There’s A Kind Of Hush” – the words are so lovely. We end our show with this song and the audience sing along with all the words. It’s great the hear thousands of people singing along with us. “I’m Henry The VIII, I Am” – this song got us going in the USA in the Sixties. “My Sentimental Friend” – it’s love song.

OMB: What is the story behind the song “No Milk Today”? What was your inspiration source?

Graham Gouldmam wrote the song. It’s all about a guy whose girlfriend leaves and he is broken-hearted. Cancels his mike because she has gone away, and there’s nobody to share a drink of tea with him.

OMB: How were girls treating you in the ‘60s, during the concerts? What was the most unusual/ funny request that you ever received?

The girls in the sixties that attended our shows used to push forward to try to get closer to the stage which would result in some girls fainting and being taken to a first aid room to recover. But it was all in good fun. The most unusual request was to perform a concert at the White House for President Johnson’s daughter. We had to turn her down as we had to get back to England do a show which was already booked.

OMB: What do you consider to be the height of your success?

Meeting Elvis Presley in Hawaii in 1965 was one of the greatest moments of our career.

OMB: Could you present one of the most beautiful memories you have on stage?

In Charleston USA we played to an audience of 145,000 people and they all sang “I’m Henry The VIII” together with us.

OMB: You now have plenty of concerts all over the world. From what countries do you receive the most numerous invitations?

It used to be the USA, but now it’s the UK and Germany.


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