CHRIS-ALLEN-TROGGSThe thrilling adventure of The Troggs continues thanks to Chris Allen, the artist who fronts the band since 2012. He was so kind to offer an exclusive interview for, on how he succeeded in keeping the music and the legend alive. He really had an astonishing musical journey, from covering “Wild Thing” with school friends at 13 to being today the lead vocals of the outstanding band.

OldiesMusicBlog: When did you join The Troggs? Did you happen to sing with them on the same stage before?

Chris Allen: I joined the band in June 2012. I had seen the band, and spoken to Reg Presley on the phone previously.

OMB: When did you first see/hear The Troggs? How old were you then?

I was at school, and covering “Wild Thing” with my school band at age 13.

OMB: Before The Troggs, you performed in the Denny Laine Band or with The Commitments and with The Animals. In your opinion, which are the top three highlights of your music career?

Fronting The Troggs, meeting and sharing the stage with Brian May and working with 3 originals in The Animals

OMB: How did “The British Invasion” phenomenon influenced you career?

It happened in my formative years at school and just after when I was looking for musical direction.

OMB: What were your favourite bands back then?

Cream, Troggs, Kinks, Free, Queen

OMB: Who are the top artists who inspire you up to this date?

Eric Clapton (guitar), Paul Rodgers (vocals), Jeff Beck, Brian May (guitars), Scott Walker (vocals), Chris Britton (guitar), Jack Bruce, Andy Fraser (bass)

OMB: What do you remember about your first performance on a stage?
At school with 3 guitars, 1 mic and a bass all plugged into 1 Watkins 15 watt amplifier 😉

OMB: What do you consider to be the greatest recognition that you ever received?

I’m still waiting 😉 But so far, fronting The Troggs

OMB: What was the most beautiful thing said about you/ your music?

‘You sing that so f’kin good, it sends a shiver down my spine’ (said about ‘Anyway that you want Me’) 🙂

OMB: What Troggs songs you love the most?

‘Feels like a Woman’, ‘Anyway that you want Me’

OMB: Do you intend to perform in Bucharest again, in the near future?

Yes, we are waiting for an invitation.

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