OldiesMusicBlog: What is the story behind the name “Chance”? How did you choose it?

It was chosen by Hy Weiss who owned and operated Old Town records. He wanted to release a single by me & thought Larry Chance was a good name because I was willing to take a chance on a single after he convinced me that I’d still be with the Earls even if I had a solo single hit the charts.

OMB: What was your debut on stage? How old were you?

We did local shows at the Moose Lodge in the Bronx, New York and at a boys & girls club called Teen Town in Mt. Vernon, New York when I was 18. Our first “paid” performance was on an under card starring “Dion & the Belmonts at the City Island Playhouse in the Bronx, New York. Dion & the Belmonts had already had quite a few hits and we felt so thrilled to be on the bill with the most popular act in New York at that time. I believe that was in late 1959 or early in 1960. We were called the Hi-Hatters at that time.

OMB: What is/ are the song(s) that you cherish the most?

That would be “I Believe” which was recorded as a tribute to Hi-Hatter & original member of the Earls named Larry Palombo who passed away serving our nation in the 82nd airborne division, of the U.S. Army. He was my best pal at that time and I wanted to keep his memory alive forever. We have performed the song at every performance since his passing and always dedicate it to him, our veterans and those brave young men & women serving our nation in the military today.

OMB: What do you consider to be the greatest hit of Larry Chance and The Earls?

Our greatest hit would be “Remember Then”. It was the biggest seller and has become a staple on many “oldies radio” shows where it’s often used as a theme song. That’s what nostalgia & the oldies are about, “Remembering” the good times, way back when.

OMB: What was the moment when you felt that your music ambitions were accomplished?

As a youngster I had three dreams that I hoped would come true one day. Performing on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand television show and performing at the Radio City Music Hall & at Carnegie Hall in New York city. Fortunately, I accomplished all three.

OMB: What was the greatest recognition that you ever received?

Having grown up in the Bronx, New York I was thrilled to be inducted into the Bronx Walk Of Fame along with such notables as Colin Powell, Bobby Darin, Ann Bancroft, Luther Vandross and too many more to mention. That is the highest honor a civilian can receive. I think I’m most proud of that.

OMB: What are your future plans in the music industry? Do you intend to perform in Europe in the nearest future?

My plan is to continue to do what I love most, other than family, and that is to continue to perform for all those wonderful friends and fans that have so lovingly supported us through the years. Of course, we continue to record new music and are working in studio at this moment to complete a new album we hope everyone will enjoy. I would love to perform in Europe. I hope that a promoter brings us to meet you in person! That would be another dream come true!

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