frankie-lymon-alan-freedThere was a time when black and white teenagers where separed by a red wire on the dance floor. There was that time when any interaction between them would have been shocking.

But Frankie Lymon did it. Frankie Lymon was the doo-wop king, the rock’n’roll idol and the R&B pioneer. Nothing could stop him to conquer the world of music.

Outrageously enough, he was the first black young man to dance with a white girl live, on national television. On July 19, 1957, during an episode of Alan Freed’s live ABC TV show “The Big Beat”, Lymon began dancing with a white teenage girl while performing. Reportedly, the incident offended the management of ABC’s local affiliates in the southern states, and led to the show’s immediate cancellation despite its growing popularity.


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  1. Gary smith says:

    Has there ever been an interview with the girl ??? She truly is a part of Rock & Roll History . I can only imagine what has gone through her mind for years .Has she ever been photographed ???? This is really serious . If anybody knows anything about her, call Gary at 860 478 0535 . Peace .

  2. Feather says:

    I wish someone would interview the dancing girl if she’s still alive?

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