Between the years of 1973 and 1977, John Denver was one of the most popular names in the music scene. With a large fan following, he was able to dominate charts. After John Denver passed in a tragic plane crash, lead guitarist Steve Weisberg started a tribute band, John Denver Off The Record, playing concerts all across the country.

As a tribute band, Weisberg plays concerts across the country in hopes of continuing to share John Denver’s music and his stories. He has his insider stories of how he joined the band playing a wide variety of instruments and hearing songs that John had only wanted him to hear at first. Now he wants to share those experiences with fans that quickly become his own friends.

As a tribute band, they travel around hosting intimate shows nationally and abroad. Wherever they see these shows are needed, they go. The crowd gets involved and is encouraged to bring an instrument if they have one and enjoy the intimate and personal, music gathering of friends enjoying the old classics of John Denver.

Each gathering has roughly eight to ten people at the show. This is so they can partake in the stories and singing. At a cost of $100 per person, Weisberg travels to the nearest city once enough people have replied to be a part of the experience. It is a very up close and personal event that these John Denver fans get to partake in.

Weisberg views this tribute band as one that isn’t offered anywhere else. Being able to share his experience, hear the different stories that he encountered and play the music that was so popular in the ‘70s, keep people wanting more tribute band experiences. People come wanting to hear the music and leave having a new friend and stories from their very own experience with the band.

Many of the fans that have participated in the tribute band have had the experience a few times, always wanting to see Weisberg and hear more of his stories. Weisberg enjoys the feeling of an intimate setting, closer than any front row seat out there. This is an offer that most tribute bands don’t participate in with their fans.

John Denver Off The Record isn’t just a concert going experience. It is something so much more. Not only do you get the great music of the late John Denver, but you get to hear the first hand stories from one of his close friends – Steve Weisberg. John Denver Off The Record contributes to John Denver’s music in a way unlike any other, giving people an experience full of stories, music and new memories.

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Steve Weisberg is now pleased to host very personal, intimate events wherever demand exists on through this John Denver tribute project, “John Denver Off The Record.” If you are looking for an up-close-and-personal experience with Steve, want to listen to the music, hear John Denver stories, and more, come join us for something truly unique.

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