Yoko Ono declares:

“Now, 99% of the world is taking a stand against wars like Iraq and Afghanistan. John would have done that but he’d have loved the new communication media. He would have been writing statements and sending them out to the world as a blogger and a tweeter.”

Vanity Fair
imagined an interview with John Lennon… today. Everything would have been different:
– he would have lived in his dairy farm in Delaware County
– he would have received the reporter “shirtless—nearly naked, in fact, wearing only skimpy white tennis shorts with the top snap undone and a pair of olive-green Wellies”
– he would have been something like this: “slim, with a deep late-summer tan; the longish hair is mostly white and a bit thinned out on top”
– he would have had a young blond assistant taking care of the animals
– he would have been divorced from 1983
– in 2001, after the 9/11 attacks and Harrison being on his deathbed, Lennon and McCartney would have reached a lasting peace 🙂

More about this interview, here.

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