Veta Gardner is the manager of The Coasters and wife of Carl Gardner, the original lead singer and founder. Veta and The Coasters are now recording again after over 40 years not being into a studio. Veta Gardner was very kind to offer an exclusive interview to OldiesMusicBlog.

OldiesMusicBlog: How do people perceive today the doo-wop music?

Veta Gardner: This music is very well received. They are still drawing big crowds in concerts all over the country. People still like the oldies music. Even young children come to concerts with their parent and enjoy the shows.

OMB: What are the top three songs The Coasters love to perform in current concerts?

Charlie Brown, Yakety Yak and Poison Ivy. But mostly they like all The Coasters’ songs.

OMB: What to you consider to be the greatest hit of The Coasters?

Yakety Yak

OMB: How was it, back then, in the ’50s? How were fans expressing their appreciation?

Very racial for black entertainers, but white people enjoyed the music. However, the entertainers were not allowed in certain facilities.

OMB: What was the most unusual gift they ever received from a fan? What about the most unusual request?

I really can’t say anything unusual but they always like to get autograph photos.

OMB: What was the greatest recognition that The Coasters ever received?

The greatest recognition was being the first group to be inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

OMB: What are your future projects? Do you intend to perform in Europe in the nearest future?

Currently we are planning to record again after over 40 years not being into a studio. We actually just recorded a new song which we hope to release soon. It’s titled “He’s In The Mix” which was written as a tribute to Carl Gardner the original lead singer and founder who passed away June of 2011. The Coasters has not been to Europe for several years but they sure would love to go there. Hopefully will get the chance soon. They were very big in Europe in the 50’s-60’s and early 70’s.

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