Did you know that John Lennon’s “Walls and Bridges” album cover shows a drawing made by him when he was 11? This is a depiction of the Newcastle vs Arsenal FA Cup final in 1952, drawn by him after seeing this match. Arsenal lost to Newcastle, 0-1 with several injuries on the field (no substitutions allowed then) and ended the game with just seven fit players.

The cover shows the unmistakable black and white stripes of Newcastle players and the red jerseys and white shorts of Arsenal. Lennon drew this in June, 1952 a month after the final.

The album “Walls and Bridges” reached no 1 in the USA and no 6 in England in 1974. “Whatever Gets You thru the Night”, a song from this album, was Lennon’s only no. 1 single as a solo hit in the American Billboard, during his lifetime.

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