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Ian Dury and the Blockheads sung about Sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll and it became a phrase synonymous with the stars of the genre. The hard hitting, fast paced music reflected or dictated the way of living of those who sang it and would enable them to create the mystique and the image of the rock and roll singer. In the past fifty plus years we’ve seen many a wild rockers grace the stage and find chart success, all while living the hectic and crazy lifestyle you’d expect.

Keith Richards may be one of the greatest guitarist, singers and songwriters of all time but his legacy won’t be all from his work with The Rolling Stones. Richards became famous for his rock and roll lifestyle and you could write whole books dedicated to only just some of his escapades. They include snorting his father’s ashes, jumping from flaming buildings, straying awake for days on end, being busted on drug charges multiple times and has drank several lifetimes of alcohol. He somehow managed all of this while remaining with this band for over fifty years and is still touring at the age of seventy-two.

Gene Simmons of Kiss is known as one of the leading front men of rock. His career has spanned from 1963 top the present and shows no signs of slowing down. Whether he’s in full make up and armour as the Demon or he’s in his suit making Kiss a profitable brand as much as a successful band, he’s done it all. He has boasted to have had sex with over 4,600 women throughout his career, which would be more than one a week, every week for fifty plus years. Despite this, Simmons has admitted to never touch alcohol, staying sober his whole life.

Ozzy Osbourne is another rock icon who has had plenty of wild days. Many of his years are full of drugs and alcohol, with other stories including driving his pregnant girlfriend to the hospital to give birth while he was drunk and didn’t have a licence, shooting cats that were damaging his car, giving a hash cake to a priest, doings striptease and urinating in a man’s drink one night in Germany and much more, without even covering the story of him biting the head off a live bat.

Living a rock and roll lifestyle is beyond most of us mere mortals. Whether its all night benders, gambling or whatever, the average human couldn’t take it. You could start out with a great casino bonus at Red Flush and try gambling, binge at your local pub and stay up for one only night before you couldn’t handle it, so how these rockers survived and are still kicking only adds to their legends.


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