He got his passion for music from his mother. His uncle, George, gave him his first instrument, a harmonica, his mother, Julia, his first rock and roll lessons, his aunt, Mimi, his first 7 pounds guitar and Paul his first notions of musical notes and the dream of having their own songs and recordings. The witty sense of humor, his defiance, fierceness and his intelligence did the rest. Although uncle George and Julia left him early, Mimi took care of him for the rest of his life. As the ending of the film says: “John called Mimi as soon as he arrived in Hamburg… and every week thereafter for the rest of his life”.

“Nowhere boy” is the story of a troubled adolescence, with questions and no answers, with great talent and no direction. John Lennon is torn between his joyful mother and his rigid aunt, both concealing secrets or feelings. But when music came into his life, he found his way. The introduction of music into his existence was underlined at the beginning of the film by the wire that John and his uncle installed into his room, for listening to the radio.

I found the movie powerful, witty, vivid, exactly as I expected it to be. A very interesting fact was that the name of the band, “The Beatles”, was never mentioned in the movie, maybe to highlight that the film is only about the “nowhere boy”.

Strengths: Aaron Johnson was perfect for playing such a complex character as John Lennon and I particularly appreciated him for having the looks, attitude and tone of voice of John.

Weaknesses: no Beatles songs :); Paul and George do not resemble at all with the real ones (last picture, the second and the fourth from left); some details are not so exact: for example, I know that Julia Lennon was killed while riding a bike and the movie shows no sign of bikes.

All in all, you must see it!

Pictures in comparison 🙂

John Lennon

John Lennon (Nowhere boy)

John Lennon and Aunt Mimi

Aunt Mimi (Nowhere boy)

The Quarrymen

The Quarrymen (Nowhere boy)

The Quarrymen (Nowhere boy)

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