If you love retro music and are planning an event then there are some awesome party games that you can play. These themed activities are perfect for your next party, just grab the records and you’re good to go.

Musical Chairs

Let’s be honest, this game is one we all remember playing as kids and one that can still be fun as an adult. We’re sure you all know how to play this one, if you ever went to a party as a child then you’ll know exactly what to expect. The chairs are placed into a circle, back to back and with one fewer chair than there are people. Then, when the music stops it’s a mad scramble to make sure you have a chair to sit on.

A record player is a great option for playing this game, as you can lift the needle to pause the action. While this game may seem a bit kitschy, it’s a lot of fun for grownups and kids alike.


Musical Bingo

As far as pen and paper games go, musical bingo can have you winning prizes before you know it. You’ll just need some musical bingo boards and then you’re ready to play. Set up the music and then dab off the relevant squares on the board to win. You can use templates to print these cards off easily or create your own if you like.

Bingo is a fab game to play with friends or alone. You can even check out mobile casino games if you want to practice before you play. Then, when it comes to the competition, you’ll be ready to dab those cards quickly and efficiently.

Pass the Parcel

Another game from the era of kids’ parties, pass the parcel will be remembered fondly by most. There was a certain excitement that went hand in hand with passing these around and hoping that the layer you got to unwrap was the last. Part of the fun of this game is choosing and wrapping up the prizes, you can even go for musical themed books or gifts for more musical fun.


Again, a record player or even a stereo will do for this game. Just pause the music and watch adults turn into kids once more when they start ripping off that paper. If you want to make it more fiendish then you can add ribbons, additional tape and even confetti to add even more fun into the mix.

There are so many games to plan for your next party, just pick out some tunes and you’ll be halfway there. You can select a range of musical styles and eras to really suit everyone that’s attending, so you can show off your excellent taste in music.

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