chuck-berryLet’s travel back in time to find out the history of rock music. There is no particular singer, song, band, or event with which we can associate the birth of rock music. However, we find that it started to gain popularity by the end of 1940s. During the time when jazz and R&B groups were all over the radio stations and rocking the music scenes; rock music found its way through out of nowhere. Guys like Elvis Presley in 1950s, with slicked back hair and doing considerably weird things on stage, they turned into singing sensations of that time.

There is a video published by Tickets Move that explains the evolution of rock music.

Winking at girls in the audience, making insane moves by spinning around, and standing up tall on their tip toes were something that audience at that time had never think of witnessing during a live performance. The audience liked the boldness of rock singers and the type of music they played. The rock became the language of rebellion natured youth. Then because of some unhappy incidents some rock performing artists quit music industry which turned to be a setback for rock music. But it did not take much long for it to make a comeback and become the most popular music form in 1960s and 1970s.

Now in 2014, rock is one of the most loved music genres in the USA. However, it seems that there are not very many musicians interested in playing rock music. The genre is expecting a band like The Beatles to arise from somewhere and bring glory back to this wonderful music type.


Source: Tickets Move

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