My first oldies were brought to me by a tape, as I was a child. My first oldies came on Side A and Side B, full of joyful rhythms and memorable lyrics.

My newest oldies (allow me to use this phrase) also came to me with Side B. Side B is a sixties style band which I recently discovered. It came as a big surprise to me that contemporary bands still succeed in reviving oldies hits. Formed in 2010 by bassist Robert Miller, Side B brings together talented artists: Pam Brennan (Vocals), Ken Filmer (Guitar/ Vocals) and Sean Gaffney (Drums). All the musicians have great experience that recommend them as being some of the best: Pam is an accomplished cabaret and jazz artist, with several CDs of her own; Ken was a touring member of the Mystics; Sean has played extensively throughout the New York metropolitan area with a number of bands; Robert is a celebrated jazz musician with two successful CDs.

The four artists chose for their debut album an enthralling combination of the best golden songs. Their interpretation is vivid and catchy, introducing the listeners to another world. The world of the sixties is so powerful and vibrant, so it is a real challenge to recreate it. Side B succeeded in doing this, achieving an unique combination of groovy beats and emotional tunes.

I was thrilled to discover on their album my favourite song of all: “Be My Baby”. Their interpretation was warm and sensitive, exactly how I expected it to be. Moreover, The Beatles were present in this album with two of their best songs: “Can’t buy Me Love” and “I Saw Her Standing There” (the latter also being one of my favourites).  Side B honoured other great artists and bands, that changed forever the history of music, like Bee Gees, Van Morrison or Dusty Springfield. I also appreciated Side B’s input on other two memorable songs, “Tell Him” and “Brown Eyed Girl”.

Side B’s first album is called “Greatest Hits”, totally deserving its name. Hoping for new ones to come!

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