johnny-cashA true legend in the music industry. A rebel, with a cause. A fierce patriot, and a trouble-maker. A devoted Christian, a loving husband and father, and a troubled son. Johnny Cash is all of these things, and his story is by turns heartbreaking, hopeful, and fiercely romantic.

Are you a fan? Let’s see how much you really know about the Man in Black!

Where Did Johnny Grow Up?

Cash was born in 1931, in Kingsland, Arkansas.

When he was three-years old, his family took possession of a five-roomed house on 20 acres of land in Dyess, Arkansas. His family qualified for a planned community assisted by the government. In the wake of the Great Depression, President Roosevelt put his New Deal into place to help farmers get back on their feet. The assistance given the Cash family instilled an unwavering patriotism in their young son.

How Many Brothers and Sisters Did Johnny Cash Have?

Cash was one of seven children born to Ray and Carrie Cash. He had three brothers, Tommy, Roy, and Jack, and three sisters, Reba, Margaret Louise, and Joanne.

Tommy Cash, younger than Johnny, also made a name for himself with his music. His best-known song is Six White Horses, which got to No. 4 on the Billboard Country Chart in 1969. He occasionally performed with his older brother, too.

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Did Johnny Study Music?

After just three singing lessons when he was little, his teacher told Cash to quit, for fear his natural talents would be negatively impacted by the strictures formal training would instill. He was encouraged to find his own voice, and he did just that!

The Cash family was a musical one, with all the members turning to song for inspiration and comfort when times were tough, particularly his mom. Cash recalled sitting at her feet at night as she strummed gospel songs on an acoustic guitar, and remembers her playing at the upright piano the family had as well.

When Did Cash Start Writing Songs?

At just 12-years old, young Cash was already writing stories, songs, and poems. He said that he had always known that he wanted to be a singer-songwriter, but it was while he was stationed in Germany as a member of the Air Force in the late 1950s that he bought his first guitar and started taking music more seriously.

Cash spoke of his songwriting career beginning because of his solitude, stationed in Germany as he was for over two years. He said that while it was not born of loneliness or boredom, writing helped him express himself, and he focussed on putting his feelings into the songs that would go on to make him an icon.

How Did His Brother Die?

On the 13th of May 1044, Jack, at just 14-years old, was helping out at home by doing odd jobs for extra money. He was making fence posts from oak logs with a table saw that had no guard, and the stomach injury he ended up sustaining killed him. He died a week later, on the 20th.



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  1. "Major" Mike says:

    I met Johnny Cash in the hotel lobby in Flint, MI, in 1977. I was making my way through the crowd and he stopped me and asked me where I was going (I had on a jogging suit). I told I was going for a walk. To my surprise he asked me if he could come along! Half jokingly, I said sure. He left the crowd (and motioned to his manager and entourage that it was ok, and he and I left the hotel. We walked and talked about everything, except music. After about 15 minutes, we turned around and headed back to the hotel. Seems Johnny just wanted to get away.
    I wasn’t a Johnny Cash fan (I’m African-American and prefer Soul music), but I knew who he was (in all honesty, I liked “Burning Ring of Fire”). We shook hands and I headed back to my room. Funny thing, reporters followed me to the elevator, asking questions about what he and I did. I told them we just walked…and talked. And, that’s my Johnny Cash story!

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