BearpitCD-coverThe Bearpit Brothers offered me the honour to listen in advance the songs of their new EP. Their last EP I’ve listened was whimsically presented on OldiesMusicBlog. 🙂

The Bearpit Brothers have moved on a few years since the first EP – now we are in the early 1960s. Probably a tiny bit more pop than before but we still have the drama, the international men and women of mystery and the twang guitar.

I just love “Love Born in the City”! It reminds me of urban summers of wild joy. The song is about that blossoming love born out of midnight strolls when the air is crisp and cool, late night dates followed by late breakfasts in white beds and silent lazy mornings while the city is noisy and buzzing with life.

“Say Goodbye” is a sadly warm song that unleashes long gone melancholies about different choices one have to do in life. The tune is soft and simple, leaving room for imagination. “Love and Hate” is a strong duality build on various sounds reminiscent of the ’60s music I love so much. “Something Cruel” is, as one may expect, about crushed hopes, broken hearts, truth and lies. The song is beautifully written so as to reveal serenity and not black despair.

“Ruby Wine” and guilty laughter… I love the lyrics of this one, accompanied by smooth instruments. Like the other songs of this EP, it conveys a mighty feeling of inner peace underneath it all.

Written, recorded, produced, played by Bearpit Brothers: Larry Alexander, Jim Byrne, Robert Ruthven
Mastered at Abbey Road by Sean Magee
Drums by Lejoe Young
Cover design by The Sticklebacks.



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  1. Pat Byrne says:

    I’ve been on the journey of this EP’s creation. Listening to the initial through to the final version of each song. I’m never going to get fed up with these fantastic songs – so skilfully performed. 🙂

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