Music can be considered as one of the most divisive yet encompassing subjects around the world. Most cultures have their own music, even those that are still too far away from civilization. Even though there are many different genres, it is still considered music. Some lovers of one genre might hate another, but that is a normal thing especially when there are a lot of groups already. There can even be disagreements in the same genre. We should all understand that any kind of music is for anyone to enjoy, and it is not a good thing to belittle one kind of it. If there is one thing in common for all of them though, it’s that they need a beat like this one here.

If there is one understated part of any composition or music, it is the drums. Most of the time, the people would only care about who is singing. This is especially true for any kind of music that has vocals. Even in classical music, there is still a beat that is being followed although it is not easily head by those with an untrained ear. Most songs and compositions these days have drums to back them up, but most would just care about the lyrics. It can be about how certain instruments were played, but never about how the beat kept them going.

Reasons Why Drums are Important

It is quite ironic because the drums keep everything together. The beat that this musical instrument provides actually leads the entire ensemble. If one of the other instruments mess up, it cannot be noticed easily because other instruments can cover it. Only those who are already trained can actually distinguish the mistake even if it is just one note. On the other hand, the drums can literally break an entire performance as the player is one setting up the beat and tempo. The listener can literally feel the beat, and they would know once it sounds “off”. This is because the beats also affect the heartbeat of the people listening which is why they can easily notice it.

Learning drums is also not very easy either. It may not be as complicated as piano or violin, but it has its own intricacies as well. This would really depend on the sound that you are trying to make. It can also depend on the song or music you are playing along with. However, many music experts agree that you also need to learn drums so that it would be easier for you to follow beats and tempos. Aside from that, it can be really satisfying once you get into the groove. Check out our list of Top 5 Reviewers – best drum sets for beginners.

Top 5 Drums Sets for New Learner

1. Mendini by Cecilio

This can be considered as one of the most beginner-friendly out of this list. It can be even be better for teenagers than adults because of its size. It has everything that you need as it is a complete 5 set kit. Their sticks are great and their drums can handle a good beating. However, it sounds may need to be adjusted a bit. However, this is quite perfect for those who are just starting to learn drums even if you are already an adult.

2. Gammon 5 Piece Adult Drum Set

If you are not satisfied with the previous option but still want to spend a little less, then this might be the one for you. Another complete set, but this one has more to it because of its better sound quality. This is also bigger than the previous version and it is best for adults to play with. However, you might need to change some of the parts if you want better sounding equipment. You can always do that though if you have already gone through with it so many times. Read more about how you can take care of your drums here:

3. Ludwig Breakbeats

On the other hand, the Ludwig Breakbeats is comparable to the previous two options on this list. It is near their cost bracket, but the quality of sound is so much better. This can even be used in live performances as the previous two are only good for practice. Buy this one if you want to have a drum set that is more durable and yet can still withstand all the drumming that you want. It is a complete set as well, with the bass, cymbals and drums.

4. Pearl Roadshow RS525WFC

Last but definitely not the least, is the Peal Roadshow. If you are really into drumming but still have a lot to learn, then this might be the best set that you can have. It can even be comparable to the professional drum kits because its sounds amazing recorded and live. The Pearl Roadshow also has a complete set for a basic drum kit, but is made with better materials. This makes the beats even better and the cymbals don’t sound irritating. If you do not really care about the price, then this can be considered.


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