The Stroll was both a slow rock ‘n’ roll dance and a song that was popular in late 1950s. The dance called the Stroll began in black communities to the songs “C. C. Rider” and “Betty and Dupree” by Chuck Willis. Willis was known as “The King of the Stroll” prior to the release of the song of that name.

Billboard first reported that “The Stroll” may herald a new dance craze similar to the “Big Apple” in December 1957. Based on a suggestion by Dick Clark, who felt that there was no specific song for the dance, “The Stroll” was written by Clyde Otis and Nancy Lee and was recorded by the Canadian group The Diamonds (bellow). The original version of the song reached number four on the Billboard pop charts, number five on the R&B charts,and number one on the Cashbox charts.

In the dance, two lines of dancers, men on one side and women on the other, face each other, moving in place to the music. Each paired couple then steps out and does a more elabarate dance up and down between the rows of dancers.


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