We live in a world where the smartphone reigns supreme – where our mobile phones are just as important as our house keys and our wallet (in fact, some would even argue that it’s more important, and that they’d leave without their keys any day as long as they had their phone). Not having a smartphone can be crippling, as we used them for everything from keeping in touch with loved ones to listening to music and reading books.

We now spend 23 days a year on our phones, and it’s becoming quite obvious that investing mobile is the best way to reach wider audiences. A wealth of mobile apps have arrived on the market, and surprisingly, we’re seeing The Voice: On Stage – a companion app for the popular singing contest reality Screenshot_1show – becoming a tool for bringing fans of music together, regardless of the genre they listen to the most.

The Voice plays on the popularity of karaoke machines, allowing users to sing along to popular tracks, with their performances being rated based on the number of notes hit. The higher the percentage of notes hit, the higher the score, and the higher the score, the more judges will turn their seats for you. Many different artists have lent their songs to the game, and while pop music is, of course, the more popular choice, there are also various oldies uploaded to the database for players to enjoy.

We’ve seen music used in a variety of different ways in the past. Bubble Bonus Bingo has a slot machine that’s centred around the X Factor, which plays video music slots for all to enjoy, and King of Opera, an iPad game, pits friends against each other in a fight to be the best opera singer around. The Voice: On Stage relies on a more tried and tested formula, but with many simulation games such as Rockband and Guitar Hero now emerging, it’s not unlikely that we’ll see more features being rolled out in the future.

Have you ever tried The Voice: On Stage? What features do you think are missing from the app?

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