bearpit-brothers-4Their name is whimsical. Their music is whimsical. Even their EP cover is whimsical. Whimsically enough, their EP is mastered at Abbey Road for superb fidelity by Steve Rooke.

So meet The Bearpit Brothers and their new 4-track EP – timeless and magic-full! The Bearpit Brothers are influenced by 50′s and 60′s sounds, such as Richard Hawley, Roy Orbison, Guitar twang, The Beatles, The Mavericks.

The four ballads are soft and sentimental. Picture yourself  in your cozy armchair, during a long cold winter evening. Push play and the four tracks will fill you with warm emotions, memories from the past, from past summers and past love stories.

Just listen to “I’am At Sea” and it will bring you back hot deserted beaches and the nostalgia of love. The sound is simple but strong, with silky guitar notes.

“Blue Boy” is a delicate tune with fireplaces and with the placid figure of loneliness standing by the doorway. You’ll fell in love with the idea of love, losing yourself in the guitar riff.

“Don’t You Wish” is a nostalgic farewell, filled with memories and regrets. Both the tune and the lyrics are powerful, pointing out the irreversible past. “The Burden of Your Cross” is a more vivid song, playing joyfully with the instruments while strongly emphasizing its message.

The Bearpit Brothers 4 track EP:

  • I’m At Sea
  • The Burden of Your Cross
  • Blue Boy
  • Don’t You Wish

The Bearpit Brothers are: Larry Alexander, Jim Byrne, Robert Ruthven

Music and singing by Bearpit Brothers, Drums by Lejoe Young, organ by Hook Leyden

Cover design by The Sticklebacks

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