The sixties is arguably the greatest decade of music. Many iconic bands laid the groundwork for everything we enjoy listening to today. Side B, a new band made up of veteran musicians from many walks of life and experiences, know how important the sixties were to countless numbers of people globally.

Side B is Pam Brennan (Vocals) is an accomplished cabaret and jazz artist, Ken Filmer (Guitar/Vocals) was a long time touring member of The Mystics, Sean Gaffney (Drums) has played extensively throughout the New York metropolitan area with a number of bands and Robert Miller (Bass/Vocals) is a celebrated jazz musician who most recently was a member of Project Grand Slam.

With their new release, Greatest Hits,the band pays tribute to the some of the best songs of the sixties.

Bands like The Beatles, The Bee Gees and The Kinks literally defined the era of the sixties in their respective genres. Now with Side B releasing the appropriately named Greatest Hits fans old and new alike have an opportunity to relive all of those classic songs like “Can’t Buy Me Love”, “To Love Somebody” and “You Really Got Me” in an entirely different and modern light. Greatest Hits features outstanding musicianship and melodic vocals to fit all of the 20 tracks offered on the new recording.

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