Las Vegas is iconic throughout the world for excitement, glamour, fast-paced fun and all the entertainment you could need. You can find this in numerous ways, such as gambling, eating, drinking, watching a show, seeing the sights and more. It’s place like any other, where pleasure is king and people from all over the word will indulge and live life a title. Music has long been a part of Las Vegas’ soul and charm, with many greats making a name here.

elvis-presleyYou can’t talk about music and Las Vegas without talking about Elvis, as the King of Rock and Roll, has become synonymous with Sin City. Presley made his debut in the city in 1956, at just twenty-one years old. Billed as the “Atomic Powered Singer,” he would then go onto perform here for the rest of his career and fans would flock to him whenever he was in town. His famous hit Viva Las Vegas, written as the title song of the film with the same name, became one of the King’s biggest hits and is a song still connected to Vegas today. Despite passing on many years ago, Elvis’ presence can still be felt, with Elvis impersonators and Elvis themed shows being a part of Las Vegas culture.

Britney Spears is one of the most successful musicians of all time and has a career that spans over twenty years, impressive at only thirty-five years old. The princess of pop has done it all in this time and today you can find her in Vegas. Starting at the end of 2013, Britney took a residency at The AXIS at Planet Hollywood Resort & casino in Vegas and is set to keep performing until the end of this year. Britney: Pieces of Me sees Spears perform her top hits and it has been a massive success. The show has grossed over $130 million dollars and sold over 7000,000 tickets.

Las Vegas is famous for gambling and casinos even more than it is music. If you want to roll a dice, play some cards, place a bet or take on the slots then Las Vegas will be your first choices. The Vegas Strip alone has some of the world’s greatest casinos such as Treasure Island, Caesar’s Palace and the MGM Grand. Some musicians’ Las Vegas connections don’t come from their performances in the city, but with their love of gambling. Grammy award winner Nelly for example is an avid poker player and has competed in the World Series of Poker, as New Jersey Online Casinos will tell you. The late Motorhead frontman Lemmy would sing of the ace-of-spades but he was known for playing slots, which was one of his favourite pastimes.

Whatever you go to Las Vegas for, whether it’s to watch a show or to do some gambling, you are certain that you can enjoy some great music, wherever you are.

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