Saturday, July 6, 1957 is the day John met Paul!

John (aged 16) and his band the Quarrymen were performing at a fĂȘte at St. Peter’s Woolton Parish Church in Liverpool. Paul (aged 15) was wheeling around on his bicycle – hoping to pick up girls – and heard the Quarrymen play (photo). A mutual friend named Ivan Vaughan introduced Paul to John. Paul whipped out the guitar strapped to his back and played “Twenty Flight Rock” and “Be-Bop-a-Lula”, among others. John was impressed that Paul could tune a guitar and “looked like Elvis”, and John said that he “dug him.” That October, Ivan told Paul that John wanted him in the band. The rest, as they say, is history.

They shared the passion for music and, sadly, the early loss of their mothers. In 1956, Mary McCartney, a heavy smoker, died of an embolism after a mastectomy operation to stop the spread of her breast cancer. Lennon’s mother died in 1958. John was living with his Aunt Mimi and her mother came to visit him. After spending the day with his son, Julia Lennon waved goodbye and began to cross the road in order to catch the bus home. She never made it. She was hit by a car being driven by an off-duty policeman and died instantly, aged 44.

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