Gambling, be it by placing bets on your favourite race horse or in a game of poker, is one of the most long-standing pastimes that we have in the world. But what is it that makes the activity so alluring to so many? When asked, most gamblers love the fact that anyone can have the chance of getting lucky and win large sums of money that can transform their lives in a matter of minutes. When it comes to the deeper, more psychological reasoning behind the popularity of gambling, studies have revealed that it is in our nature as humans to feel excited about taking risks and the adrenaline rush felt when gambling is a good example of that. The sense of anticipation in whether you could win creates a natural rush which many people seek in order to add a sense of fun into their everyday lives.

The media plays a huge role in portraying gambling as being something that is sexy, stylish and very fashionable. In film and TV we often see people enjoying a night out at the casino (think James Bond) or by spending an afternoon at the races (think My Fair Lady). There is certainly a suggestion of high society as a result of gambling, in which attendance is all about ‘being seen’. While many ‘ordinary’ people go to the casinos on an irregular basis and place relatively low-risk bets, there are others who can afford to do the opposite. Celebrities, for example, are among some of the biggest stake gamblers and this can vastly be credited to the fact that they can afford to place larger sums of money behind their bets than we can. So, when it comes to the world of music, which musicians are the biggest culprits when it comes to spending the most in terms of their time and money in a casino?

One of the youngest musicians spotted in a casino is the teenage heart-throb Justin Bieber, who is regularly an attendee in casinos on his down-time from touring. He was reported spent £200 on a game of poker out of his reported $80 million dollar worth that he earns from both his musical ventures and other campaigns. Perhaps one of the most interesting revelations of late has been the discovery that rapper Drake and actress Jennifer Lopez were spotted gambling at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas this month. While it is difficult to know exactly how much the pair spent during their time in the famous casino, they were noted to be playing high stakes games.

Justin Bieber, Drake and Jennifer Lopez are just a very small handful of musicians and other celebrities that have been known to take time out of their busy tours and schedules in order to play their favourite table casino games. What most people tend to question is how seasoned their playing technique actually is. With high stakes, surely game play comes with increased sensitivity and desire to make a return on your investment? It is unclear as to what strategies and betting systems celebrities have access to, but it does make onlookers wonder as to whether their return is as high as the amount of money they put into their games. With many celebrities over the years falling into the trap of losing their fortunes, it is important that we take away with us a sense of sharp realism and understand that the bets you place should be relative to how much you are willing to lose.



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