Cynthia Lennon, John’s first wife, mentions in her biographical book:

“To fit with their changing image the boys decided it was time for a new name. We had a hilarious brainstorming session over a beer-soaked table in the Renshaw Hall bar, where we often drank. John loved ‘Buddy Holly and the Crickets’, so they toyed with insect names. It was John who came up with ‘Beetles’. He changed it to ‘Beatles’ because he said if you turned it round it was ‘les beat’, which sounded French and cool. They settled on the ‘Silver Beatles’.”

“(…) The boys had regular gigs at local clubs and nightspots at least twice a week and John was certain that music was his future. He and the others were longing for the big break, and while they waited, they dropped ‘Silver’ and the group became known as ‘The Beatles‘. “

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